New “ Concept & Technology” for Textile Industrial

Uni-win International Corp. Is the corporation that have its own Know-How, and specialize in framing Multiple Structure & Perforate Funnel Holes in one layer or laminated the materials; it can also be diversified in its own very structures.

● Function and its outlook-
For the " Physical Property " ; We believe that the most efficient way to change how textile works is to adjusting the structure itself. By doing so, the product will be much more functionble and better artistic outlook. Through Uni-Win's unique technology. We are able to customize the coefficient of Light transparency, Vapor, Fluid, and Sound.

● Fabric Magic-
Uni-win International Corp. has step ahead to perform a brand-new idea to the world. The fabrics that, we created has multiple touch feeling with endless possible changes of how the product use, such as "High Air breathable/ Low Waterproof fabric, Comfort Sunshade fabric, Lampshade, Classical Speaker cover fabric, Magic printed Sport shoes net fabric, Colorful Elastic cloth-like, Medical use fabric and Sparking Decorated fabric. "

● Customizable & Flexibility-
Integrate various changes in Form and Structure, Weather, Environment, Colorful, Pattern, Bright / Dark, Senses of essential factors into material or product development, it would be appeared better performance and variety feeling, and has Innovation, Vitality, Functional, Unique, Comfortable, Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental factors.
Application for Outdoor, Home use, Garment, Decorating, Medical, Agriculture and other estates.