Uniwin International Corporation has our own technology, know-how and experience to develop new concept into our products, which is completely different compare to the other fabric and textile you have seen in the market. By using our very own special way to attach lots of holes into the fabric itself and combine with other different kind of fabric structures such as, printed film or rainbow film on the top of the fabric by hooking up the mesh and fabric itself without damaging the surface.

We only design what you need

Our product features more variability changed and our way of making are more eco-friendly. The pattern could be added on the warp knitted, weft knitted fabric, tatting fabric and others, which make our product much more vitality.

Although, the structures of the fabrics are all changeable, it all based on what kind of functions or features to our consumer needs. By using our technology to adjust the structures, the density of the holes, the sized and the shape of the holes without damaging the textile fabric itself.


  1. 1.    After finished the process of combing the fabric and the pattern. The pattern on the top will be clear, and also keep the product functional.

2. On the reverse side of our product has tons of tiny holes with the shape of the “funnel” on it. On the back side will have incredible soft gentle touch on the surface, because on the riverside will be the close up side of the funnel hole.

3. Our product has the ability to make any kind of adjustment of convex structure grains or patterns.

4. On the front side of our product could be display any kind of pattern indistinctly.

5. We could design and control the density, open area, size of holes.

6. Our product can change the influence of the light, humidity level, ventilation level by adjusting the holes with the funnel shape.

7. By using our own heating system to combine with the printed films. The product may not need to apply or coat glue, resin or chemicals, depend on adhesion force requirements.

8. Finished fabric is an environmental protection product, it could not be through dye and printing process, it can be less spending energy, and reduce water or chemical pollution.

Variability and feature

1. It could be more colorful, diversified, gradation looking.

2. It could have difference colors, contrast, on the both sides of fabric.

3. It could have sheltered capability, one side of fabric do not easily see through to the other side.

4. It is easier and simple methods to print to compare to heating transfer printed on gradation, which make the process more efficiency and effective.

5. It has a function for indistinct pattern and color on the reverse side of fabric when light become dark.

6. It could have difference function and feature on the both side, and depend on your need and use.  


1. Footwear:

Sport shoes, lady’s shoes and Rain shoes

2. Shade and curtain Fabrics:

For home: Window shade, Roll up shade, Panel, Shower.

For outdoor: sunny, Advertisement, architecture protection.

3. Lamp Lighting shade fabrics

4. Outdoor sport wear:

High breathability, waterproof For Sport jacket, Jogging jacket, Rainwear fabrics.

5. OA Chair fabric

6. Shield and Wall Fabric

7. Hotel and Hospital fabric:

Disposable Pillow and Bed sheet.